A bit of fiction

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A bit of fiction

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Hello all!

I'm new to the forum. I found the site while looking for like-minded gamers. I'm an old-timer in general - specifically in terms of gaming.
A few years ago, I completed a serialized story using "the Sims 3" for the visual platform and brought to life a fun little tale. By little, I mean that it took me some four years to complete. Anyhow, the plot is rather sci-fi heavy with a very obvious slant toward Christian morals. As one might imagine, it did not excite the Sims 3 demographic. The entire story is rated PG-13 with some adult themes sprinkled throughout.

I've recently had the "itch" to write again, so I've begun a new "legacy". Please feel free to read at your leisure!

https://zoxell.com/chapters/ is where you'll find the completed story "The Barimen Legacy"
My newest project is called "the Stacpoole Legacy", and can be found at https://zoxell.com/the-stacpoole-legacy/


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