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Resistance Was Futile...

Posted: Thu May 26, 2016 9:54 pm
by BlockHeadLewie
Totally made up, never really happened, and I can prove that it never happened. But here's how I became a blockhead.

Part One: The Reveal.
"Seven of Seven, take received information to One of Six and report to One of Two upon completion for preparations to be assimilated into the next level of the consciousness."
"Acknowledged, One of Seven."
Seven of Seven disconnected itself from the data transfer station and proceeded down the walkway towards the bowls of the base. The information it contained was one of vital importance to the Borg as reports of a strange race had in fact found a way to resist assimilation. This information contained reports of many sectors of the Borg conscious as well as stolen and intercepted transmissions between any and all races that had encountered this new race of beings.
Seven of Seven waited outside the main reception chamber door knowing when it's turn in que approached, the door would open and it could enter without disruption of the Borg who was transmitting it's data into the collective.
Seven of Seven's data could not go into the main collective, however, as it had not been fully translated or even analyzed. These tasks always went to the One of control in the sector the data involves. Certain nodes such as these were responsible for translation and analysis of received data. Seven of Seven was waiting for an expected transfer due to a request from the Borg Queen itself.
Suddenly there was a tremendous blast of clicks, bells and flashes of light all about the waiting area where Seven of Seven was. Several Borg left their stations and began walking towards the external sections of the base. Seven of Seven could not move as it's instructions were embedded into it's matrix. Besides that the collective needed the data it contained to prove that resistance was indeed futile.
By the time the door opened there were only three Borg in the area, the rest having taken their emergency data into their function in order to defend the base. This base had been established over a hundred years ago on a large moon way out on the outskirts of the universe, as far as earthlings understands the universe, and Seven of Seven was assimilated into the collective at the initial attack of the Borg. The being it used to be had contained vital information as to the opening of a new dimension which did not follow standard laws of science, nature or even life itself. Seven of Seven had once been second in command and equal to the leader and founder of this new world. It knew everything from the start of the Borg attack which caused this planet's assimilation to be almost instantaneous. The leader died in an explosion but was assimilated much later than Seven of Seven.
According to Seven of Seven's memory this new human outpost was established in order to follow up on signals received from a planet which only became visible once a solar revolution. Being way out from the sun it's revolutions were, in contrast to Earth time, every one hundred years. The Borg were already making their way into orbit of this moon when the time of the planet revolution brought it into vision, but merely for a fraction of a second.
Maintaining it's assimilation of the moon, the Borg instantly began transmitting into the collective revelations of this new planet. The Borg Queen instantly began transmitting plans to the transmitting Borg ship of assimilating this new world.
Seven of Seven stepped into the reception room and stuck it's arms out to fit into the receptors it was about to back into. This much data had literally taken up every sector of memory and storage in it's being, even taking up room Seven of Seven's weapons software and repairing systems would have used. It backed up with one step and instantly all the data it contained was now available for One of Six to access. In fact all the Borg in this sector had access at that instant for the amount of data covered more than they expected.
Suddenly One of Six spoke, "Seven of Seven, One of Two is expecting you for reassignment. Wait for Two of Two outside for escort."
"Acknowledged One of Six."
Seven of Seven had transmitted all of it's data at this point and was already receiving back data for weapons and repairing systems, as well as visual and other systems which had given up it's data to accept the new information for transport. By the time One of Six had spoken all data had been restored and magnetic clamps released their hold.
Seven of Seven stepped back into the reception room and stood to one side to wait. It didn't have to wait long for Two of Two came within moments, walking at a furious pace. "Seven of Seven, follow and be aware of the following."
"Acknowledged." As Seven of Seven began walking behind Two of Two it received data transmissions directly from Two of Two. It had already received the data from One of Six and all it represented. Seven of Seven now had the information it required to understand it's new expected function. Somehow none of it made any logical sense, but it trusted the collective all this time so this new data had no real meaning to it at all until One of Two could clarify...

Re: Resistance Was Futile...

Posted: Thu May 26, 2016 10:13 pm
by CRCBrony
It's all chinese to me. :mrgreen:

Re: Resistance Was Futile...

Posted: Thu May 26, 2016 10:30 pm
by BlockHeadLewie
CRCBrony wrote:It's all chinese to me. :mrgreen:
It's all Star Trek to many! Borg are, well, not nice entities!

Re: Resistance Was Futile...

Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2016 3:07 am
by BlockHeadLewie
Part Two: The Analysis
The attack from Earth forces was quickly defended resulting in the assimilation and creation of over 300 more Borg drones. Data received when assimilation began revealed this was only the first wave of attacks planned. While the drones were still being assembled with Borg implants their battleships were deconstructed and assimilated into a ship that would be taking Seven of Seven into it's new task. The human threat was miniscule at best and the Borg Queen’s orders were close to being complete.
Seven of Seven stood outside the main databank recovery unit as One of Two instructed. It's thoughts were indeed more erratic than normal with it's new data received just moments ago. A new world had been discovered which does not seem to follow logical and normal standard laws of science, nature or even life itself. It was also the first world the Borg ever encountered which did not exist in this dimension except for a brief second every one hundred years.
One of Two stated to Seven of Seven that it's role in this venture to assimilate the discovered world would be one which could, in all probability, result in Seven of Seven's destruction. Having considered all the data received, the Borg Queen decided to send Seven of Seven into the new planet when it appears again in order to establish confirmation of data received. The chance of assimilation was high, so this was also a chance to begin just that.
This moon base was assimilated just as the new world had made it's appearance and now it was to appear again. The biological components of Seven of Seven were maintained via fluids which flowed through conduits embedded under the skin. In order for this infiltration to be effective, Seven of Seven must, in all appearances, not to appear as a Borg. It’s skin had long been void of it’s natural life, and the same goes for it’s other body organs. In effect the only part of the Borg Queen’s orders that Seven of Seven knew at this time was he was to be partially unassimilated. This one word was what caused it to be, in human understanding, confused.
As Seven of Seven stood where it stood and attempted to process this one single word, it was also receiving instructions of a different kind. It’s neural matrix was adequate to store the data, but much of it was for biological maintenance. Seven of Seven had no direct connection to the data yet, it was merely being stored and access would come when the collective was ready.
Data entering the collective has several functions. All data is in fact received by all drones, but only necessary data for that drone’s function is accessible. If a single drone needs specific data this can be sent through the collective either through a baseline connection between One’s of the different unit areas or through the collective itself where a local drone can instigate data transfer to the receiving drone. Seven of Seven was receiving data the latter way via One of Two.
As other drones passed Seven of Seven many of them paid it no attention whatsoever. A few who had helped transfer the data Seven of Seven was now receiving did glance it’s way but only for a moment, then it would face forward again.
As quickly as it began to start the data transfer was over. One of Two stepped out of it’s transmission alcove and faced the other drone. “Seven of Seven, it is not logical to much of the collective that this mission should even take place. However, The One Queen has ordered it so, and so it must be. Acknowledge.”
“Acknowledged One of Two. Query.”
“The logic flow of the data I received previously and have assimilated into my systems does not exist. Explain.”
One of Two took a moment to respond. This data was indeed not intended for the main collective, yet if Seven of Seven was to have a chance for success it needed to understand. “When we are finished with your assimilation into your new function I shall show you something only you shall be able to process at that time and much shall be understood.”
“Acknowledged One of Two. Systems ready for the next process.” Seven of Seven didn’t understand why this feeling of confusion was still there. No it’s not confusion which is a human emotion. This was more like chaotic algorithms, over complicated polynomials, mix-matched data. It conceded to the fact more would be understood after the assimilation process and gave it no more thought.
One of Two turned and began walking down a long corridor. Seven of Seven fell into step right behind it and kept pace with ease. Many drones did indeed watch the two as they passed, all knowing their future was about to get even larger with the assimilation of yet another world should this single drone succeed...

(Stay tuned for Part Three: Assimilation Complete)