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Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfiction-Seventh Year

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2015 4:54 am
by Coleton
A cut out from the Book i'm writing, was cut for reasons...

______________________________________Seventh Year Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfiction____________
Author’s Note: I’ve always been a fan of children’s card games! That much is true, at least. Forgive me for doing this, but for my first arc, I’m going to make it special. I’m going to cite this: Yu-gi-oh is the property of Kazuki Takahashi and the people he works with. Yeap! My first arc will be a Yu-gi-oh Fan fiction. All the way to the end.

This story will be told from the eyes of Coleton Lancaster, a different dimension version of me. I’ll try my best to translate. Here we go!

December 16, 3072

“Mark this date, Dalia. My 18 birthday!” “Yeah, I got it.” “Is my present here!?” “Not yet!” “Come on, Dalia! I can’t take the wait! Tell me what it is, please!” “I swear, you’re such a kid! Just wait a bit, okay.” “Insert onomatopoeia here!” “Jakal!? Is that you?” “Jeez, Jakal, you should learn to knock!” “It’s more fun this way, Doll.” “That’s not my name!” “Sure it isn’t. Happy Birthday, Lanny.” “Hey, Jakal! But, my name is Coleton.” “That’s just the name of your hero! You don’t have a first name, remember.”

“The person who, a long side his companions saved the world by turning the space tech whose purpose was to wipe out humanity, into a Super Mega Defense Shield? That’s just a legend, Lanny. You should learn to grow up. You are 18 now, aren’t you?” “That technology does exist, though, and no. I’m not giving up my childhood heart.” “Whatever flies your plane, Lanny, Oh, here’s your gift from me and my mom. You’re still into Duel Monsters, right? We went out and bought you a rare card. Here! ‘Number X32: Hero Rover’! You’ll put it in your extra deck, right?”
“Yeah! Of course! Thanks.” “Coleton!” “Yes, Dalia?” “My dad just texted me, he said your gift would be here anytime soon.” “Really!” “Yeah!” “Is that it?” “Yeah! It is. You’ll be really surprised!” “What….is this!” “I know, right!? Remember when I asked you to write down your dream deck, and to be very detailed?” “So, that’s what this is!” “Gee, thanks Doll. You went and one upped me. Ha.” “That’s up to Coleton.” “It’s up to you Lanny.” “That’s kind of funny. I love them both! That makes this easy, I’ll put Rover in my Extra Deck.” “Brilliant.” “I suppose that’ll do….Just joking! It means a lot to hear you say that Lanny, thanks! Wait why am I thanking you? Ha!” “Because we’re friends, of course.” “Yeah.” “That’s not all! Check the box.” “Whoa! A lifetime Tournament Pass by Illusion Industries.” “My dad works at Illusion Industries, I asked him as a favor.” “Thanks for everything, Dalia, Jakal! Now I can put these cards to good use!”

The next day

“Huh? Are you new?” “Yeah! Here’s my pass!” “Alright go on through. These are…?” “Spectators.” “They’re covered too.” “Really, wow.” “What arc will you be participating in?” “That’s easy ‘Arc V’!” “Are you prepared for Action Duels, Turbo Duels, as well as Duel Disk Management?” “Uh….What? I usually just duel on a table.” “Oh, alright. We’ll enter you in the beginner’s training program Arc V. Let me just scan your pass here. Okay. Go on through the digitizer, well tele-transfer you guys to the location.” “Okay.”

“Training Program! Woooo!” “Settle down, Marcellus! Stop acting like a kid!” “I am a kid!” “You’re 18!” “Well, I’m a child at heart.” “True, enough.”

“Do you hear those guys, Coleton?” “Yeah, Lanny, I think you’re going to make a new friend already!” “Really? But he’s so childish.” “Look who’s talking!”

“Alrighty, folks! Gather around. First timers, introduce yourselves!” “Me first!” “Alrighty.” “I am Marcellus Jearlmighia Margrave, the future master of all token-related cards that exist…in the world….” “Token boy, huh? That’s new. I like new! Anyone else!?” “Of course! I’m Maria Loural, I’m trying to be a Duel Trainer Specialist.” “Great! Always good to have new help. Onwards.” “Len. Just Len. Teach me to duel, and I’ll always win. ““Nice attitude! Competitors are always welcome! And that leaves…who are you?” “Coleton Lancaster, the one who will inherit the will of the Duel Monsters card game.” “Wow, that’s a tall order. All luck to you.”

“Well, if that’s everything, then we should get started. Training Session Arc V!” “Yeah!” “Woo!”
“Have any of you first timers ever participated in an Action Duel” “I’ve watched the Arc V anime.” “Alright, Coleton! You’re up first, then!” “What?” “Yeah, I’ll set up the solid vision, system now.” “Huh?” “Your opponent, Yuya Sakaki!” “Is that even possible!?” “With current technology, it is possible to give True Intelligence Programming to an Augmented Reality Realized Program.” “Um, who are you?” “I’m Jakal, half of Lanny’s Emotional Support, or LES, for short.” “Who’s ‘Lanny’?” “It’s Jakal’s nickname for Coleton, based off his real name, ‘Lancaster’ He doesn’t have a first name but most people call him Coleton, I’m Dalia, by the way. If Jakal’s half of LES, then I guess that makes me the other half.” “Okay, then. We already introduced ourselves but I’m Maria, nice to meet you.” “Alright. Folks. Gather around. We’re about to see an Action Duel take place.” “Is he real?” “Like I said, true intelligence means he’s just as human as the rest of us.”

“Hello, nice to meet you.” “You….you’re Yuya! I’m a total fanatic! I can’t wait to face off against you!” “Yeah, the feeling’s mutual. I’ll surprise you with my entertainment dueling.”

Author’s Very Special Note: This fan fiction is set to take place in the year 3072, hence it’s the very distant future, however this is the year 2015, currently, and from the powers of technology and the wonders of science, a new technology has already emerged. Virtual Reality Goggles, the Oculist Rift. Trademark to its owners, of course. This has me thinking that it may actually be the near future that such technology as Augmented Reality might be released. While everyone was ecstatic about virtual reality, I was thinking ahead, I was researching augmented reality. It is possible, though I don’t know any specific details. With the idea of creating programs, and making them real, I thought of a new idea. True Intelligence Programming. Brining things to life with augmented reality, and giving them the intelligence of that of brilliance, or whatever we choose. However, there is the question of ethics, but we’ll worry about that bridge when we cross it. This is but one of the seemingly infinite vast collection of ideas I have. It’s not copyrighted, of course I cannot afford that, I don’t have enough money to pull that off. If someone does want this idea, for whatever reason or purpose, I’m more than willing to share it in the free domain, for a free copy of the original, of course! Ha!

“Duelists locked in battle! Kicking against the earth and dancing alongside their monsters!” “They storm through this field! Behold! This is the newest and greatest evolution in dueling! Action” “Duel!”

“I can’t believe Lanny actually memorized the chant. He said he was a fanatic, but I didn’t realize he was this into it!” “Their harmony was perfect too, I can’t believe this is his first Action Duel.” “What! Teach! Don’t sneak up on us like that!” “It’s alright, Doll. I saw this coming and had the chance to warn you. I chose not to.” “Gee! Thanks, Jakal!” “Your welcome.” “LES, huh?” “Yeah, teach, Lanny’s Emotional Support.”

This duel will use tournament rules! Both players set your life points to 8000, and draw 5 cards.”
“Got it!” “Okay!” Rock-Paper-Scissors!” “Looks like you’ll go first, Yuya.” “Okay, then Let the show begin!”

I set the pendulum scale 1 to 8 with Stargazer Magician and Timegazer Magician! Pendulum Summon! Come forth my faithful monsters! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon! Performapal Whip Snake! Performapal Trump Girl!”

“A pendulum summon right off the bat! Things aren’t looking good for Legacy boy!” “Wait, who, oh, it’s Marcellus, right?” “’Legacy’, why didn’t I think of that nickname?” “Don’t worry, Jakal, there’s always next time.” “Yeah, you’re right, Doll. Thanks!”

“Wow, you’re amazing Yuya!” “Thanks, but’s that’s not all. Trump Girl’s effect! She can be used as a material for a fusion summon!”

“Wow are you really going to…” “That’s right, Fusion Summon. I activate Polymerization! I fuse my Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon with the Level 2 Trump Girl! Fusion Summon! "Wielder of mysterious powers, become a bright light in the eye of the dragon! Fusion Summon! Come forth, arcane dragon wielder of ancient magics! Rune-Eyes Pendulum dragon!"

“Not only is Yuya powerful enough with Rune-Eyes, he still has Whip Snake’s effect!” “You’re right, Doll. My question is how he could pull all of this off in his first turn. Do you know anything about this Teach?” Yeah, actually, I set the difficulty setting to the maximum.” “What!?” “That’s how Yuya was able to draw on his first turn.” “Why! Coleton’s new!” “Are you so sure? Can’t you tell already? I’ve never seen such a full smile on a young man’s face during a challenge duel in my life.” “She’s right, Doll. Lanny’s happy.” “Wow, you’re right. I guess its fine, then.”

“I set one card and end my turn!”

“My turn! Draw! I normal summon New-Eyes Magician! I activate his effect! Once per turn, If I control a Spellcaster-type, Warrior-type, or Dragon type Monster on the field, I can special summon one Warrior-type, Spellcaster-type, or Dragon-type, with Attack equal to that monster, from my hand! Come forth! New-Eyes Dragon!”

“They both have 2500 attack. Smart move, Lanny!”

“Thanks! I’m not done yet! I activate New-Eyes Dragon’s effect! When this card is special summoned, if my opponent controls a monster with higher attack than this one, I can half that monsters attack, until the end of my next standby phase! I choose Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon! Your Dragon’s attack decreases from 3000 to 1500!”

“Good work, Coleton!” “LES! LES! LES!”

“That’s not all! I activate the spell card, Type-Change Pendulum Up! This card allows me to tribute up to two New-Eyes Monsters I control and their Pendulum counterparts from my deck to my hand!”

“Wait, Lanny can Pendulum too?”

“You bet I can! I tribute New-Eyes Magician and New-Eyes Dragon! Come to me, brilliant dragon of shining light and brilliant magician that makes dreams come true! Forthright to my hand! New-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and New-Eyes Pendulum Magician! Now it’s time! I set the pendulum scale from 1 to 10, using New-Eyes Pendulum Magician and New-Eyes Pendulum Dragon! Pendulum Summon! Come forth, Mighty Warrior whose blades slice the heavens! New-Eyes Pendulum Warrior!”

“Wow! An attack power of 4000!” “That’s right, Doll. Consequently, his Defense is only 1500.”

“I attack…”

“I activate Performapal Whip Snake’s Effect! I target your Pendulum Warrior!”

“His attack and defense were swapped!” “Now they both have the same attack power! They’ll both be destroyed!”

“Not on my watch! I activate New-Eyes Pendulum Dragon’s Pendulum Effect! Pendulum-Type monsters I control cannot be destroyed by battle! Oh, shining dragon, with the light of the heavens coursing through your very being! I call forth to you! Shining Shield!”

“What!? Lanny, how is this possible!?”

“Not so fast! I activate my quick play spell! Performapal Stage! I can tribute one Performapal monster I control and destroy one card on the field! My dragon may be destroyed, but I’ll find a way.”

“I don’t think so! I activate New-Eyes Pendulum Magician’s Pendulum Effect! Pendulum-Type monsters I control cannot be destroyed by card effects! Oh, Marvelous Magician with power to make Miracles and Dreams come true! I call forth to you! Wonder Guard!”

“I don’t believe it, he even stopped the card effect!”

“When you want to cry, laugh! Here’s my comeback! I activate my trap card! Performapal Recovery! I can banish one Performapal monster I control to negate all card effects on the field and end the battle phase! The fun has just begun! I banish Whip Snake!”

“Wow, this is an Entertainment Duel! I’m having so much fun!”

“Lanny seems happy, Doll.” “He sure does!”

“Thank you! Thank you! Now that it’s my turn, I draw! Pendulum Summon! Come forth my faithful monsters! Performapal Plus Turtle! Performapal Stamp Turtle! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!”

“Odd-Eyes? Didn’t he use polymerization?” “Yes, but remember? When a card is sent to the graveyard it’s destroyed. Destroyed Pendulum monsters that you control on the field, go face up to the Extra Deck, however If you use a Pendulum monster in your hand, it goes to the graveyard.” “That’s true….”

“I also normal summon Performapal Trampolynx! With this effect I can add one monster in my pendulum zones back to my hand! Return Stargazer Magician! I also activate Performapal Recasting! I reveal Performapal Partnaga! Now I can shuffle it into my deck, shuffle, and then draw two cards. I set one card and end my turn!”

“Alright, my turn Draw! I activate the Spell Card, Master Summoning! With this I can destroy all cards I control and summon Five Monsters from my Hand, Deck, or Extra Deck, but their effects are negated! Come Forth! Hero that traverses Time and Space, show the Universe your true Brilliance! Special Xyz Summon! Number X32: Hero Rover!”

“Nice! That’s the card I gave Lanny!”

“You bet it is! Next! Reveal yourself! Arcane Master of Rituals! Special Ritual Summon! Come Forth, New-Eyes Ritual Master!”

“A ritual monster, Lanny has one of those too!?”

“You bet I do! Come Forth Shining Dragon of Starry Skies! Special Synchro Summon! Show yourself, New-Eyes Synchro Dragon!”

“Synchro, can he really do that too!?”

“You bet I can! Return to the field and let your Brilliant Heavenly Aura radiate, Special Pendulum Summon, New-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!”

“He even brought his Pendulum Monster back!?”

“You bet I did! Finally! Come Forth Dragon of the Polymer Mastery! Special Fusion Summon, New-Eyes PolymerFusion Dragon!”

“He even summoned Fusion monster too!?”

“You bet….Oh never mind, I banish all Five of my Summon Method Type Monsters to Summon a new Monster! Oh, shining Rainbow of Brilliance stretch as far as the eye can see! Bring me to Victory with your Rainbow Power! Array Summon! Array Rainbow 7! Rainbow Dragon of the Array! This Victory is mine! I activate Rainbow Dragon’s Rainbow Effect! If this monster was Array Summoned using all Types of Summon-Method Type monsters, then I can Banish all other cards on the Field, and if I do you take 1000 damage to your lifepoints for every monster that was banished for this summoning and by this effect!”

“Wait a minute, Lanny banished 5 monsters to summon it! That’s 5000 right there! And with Timegazer, Rune-Eyes, and Stamp Turtle, Plus Turtle, and Trampolynx banished…..That’s 10000! One….”


“KO! This Game’s Over!”

“Wow…..What just happened…”


“Legacy boy….”

“My Archrival….”

“Someone like that actually….”

I know now. This is my Fate. This is the beginning of my Story.

__________________________Lancaster Story-End______________

Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfiction-Seventh Year

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2015 2:06 pm
by ccgr
Nice job, keep it up!

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by Coleton