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Post by Side_Kik »

I have always loved to draw and color ever since I was little. Especially horses, because they are my favorite animal. When I get older I really want to take classes so I can learn more drawing technique.

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Re: Art

Post by Avinson »

That is a great interest. I'll encourage you to pursue your art...even if you don't make a career out of it, you can utilize art concepts in about every aspect of life.

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Re: Art

Post by Jeda »

I trained myself how to draw.
The thing is, you can pray and Learn how to Draw.
Every time you start drawing pray that God would lead you! :3

That's what i do!

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Re: Art

Post by Sstavix »

My youngest daughter also loves drawing. In fact, she grew a great picture of Jesus yesterday while at church!

One book series that she loves is the Dover "How To Draw" series. We have several of the books, and she refers to them often. Since you like horses, here's a link to "How to Draw Horses" on Amazon.

But one of the things I recommend is practice, practice, practice! Practice drawing every day, and you'll gradually get better and better. You may even develop your own techniques, and someday be able to teach that to students!

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