Game of war .

Gather resources, build your army, conquer!
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Game of war .

Post by Usmc52002 »

I would strongly encourage all of you strategy gamers to play game of war . It is a really awesome game , and there are fellow christians on there who post devotionals and other things . If you do join and want to join an alliance join THT and i will tell them who you are and make recomendations . My users are TrustinHim And JohnCalvin . Msg me if you wann know more . :D

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Re: Game of war .

Post by lallybroch876 »

I see ads for this game alllllll over Reddit!! Was wondering if it was worthwhile.

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Re: Game of war .

Post by storm »

It sounds nice but I am looking for game that is of the medieval era and one I can do a lot on my own and not have to worry about letting others down if I dont come on a lot
Ive tried the free part of WOW love the graphics and there is a lot to do on your own and a chance to meet new peps But the cost is way to high
I actually think Ive played game of war now i think of it will have to look and see
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