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Star Conflict

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 1:55 pm
by zeppeldep
There is a rare gem waiting in Steam for space sim fans. It's name is Star Conflict.
Gameplay feels like Freelancer. This is a team online game and it is FREE to play.
Yes, like all F2P, it does have items to purchase and there is an advantage to doing purchases. This game is borderline free to play / pay to win.
But ... IF you do play with team.. IF you do play with existing players, the experience is very good - without spending money.
This game does not have a campaign, there is nothing in the game for solo players.
Also, it is better than many other MMO games out there as it has five tiers, start at tier one and slowly improve to higher tiers.
More detail: There are many types of ships in the game, engineer ships provide shield energy and armor; guard ships are tank - slow but can take punches and deal big hits; fighters are fast but vulnerable .. a team needs a good combination of different ships to win. AND there are a huge amount of game modes.
The game started in about September 2013. I started playing it in October 2013. I want to join a Christian centered clan (named a corporation in this game). Alternatively, I would like to start a Christian centered corporation in this game if one does not already exist.
If you are a PC gamer, if you like space games, the next time you get bored with your games, please try this game - when you do - invite me as a friend so I can assist you in the game .. my name in the game is SpaceAgeCrusader. Time difference may be a problem though as my time zone is close to eastern europe.
God Bless...