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Re: John Bible study

Posted: Thu May 26, 2011 3:21 pm
by ccgr
I remember I had an on and off relationship with hot dogs as a kid. I now like them slightly burned on the grill. mmmm :) When I'm at a party with lots of appetizers. Ice cream sandwiches.

1. Jesus was testing Phillip to get a response on how these people would be fed. Phillip was thinking with logic and not responding by faith.

Phillip didn't think it would be possible to feed with nothing and very costly and Andrew didn't know how good such a little amount of food would be

2. Jesus is God, he can make something from nothing or take something and multiply it greatly. This fee ding of 5,000 was truly a miracle.

3. Jesus gives blessings in abundance

4. The crowd wanted to make Jesus a king by force, that was not in His plans so he slipped away

5. They wanted more free food, they aren't looking at the big picture only temporary needs.

6. There is no work, just faith in Christ. There's nothing we can do to EARN our way into heaven.

7. God provided the mana to save the Israelites. The same goes for Jesus, but to save the whole world.

8. It's not just to save the Jews but any and all who believe in Him.

This website :D Not of the other websites I have started took off like this one..the fun part is that it's only getting better!

No matter how rough it gets, Jesus is always there.

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Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2011 7:21 am
by Chozon1
Jesus, of course. But also my parents, and Grandparents, and probably Bryan Davis, though I've never met him.

1) God chooses who will be saved.

2) Nope. Jesus doesn't let people entrusted to Him go. They belong to Him, and He cares for them.

3) To do the will of God, and raise up those who follow Him on the last day.

4) If you listen and learn from God, you will be drawn to Jesus.

5) They believed he was Joseph's son.

6) To partake in Jesus's death.

7) The manna tasted good, but ultimately those who ate it died. Anyone who eat's of the bread of life lives forever.

8) Verse 51, because the peoples thought He was talking about actually consuming his flesh. And 35, because the peoples thought he was the son of an ordinary man. Verses 44, 46 and 65 would bug people today, but I'm not sure if it did back then.

9) I just don't know. Hard question...I know the betrayal of a brother hurts worse than a stranger. I also know that only someone close to Jesus could have betrayed Him, as he had no permanent residence.

At one time, it did. But there's really no other way to work it. We make the choice on earth whether to follow God or not, so in a way, it's still have to chose. At the end of the day, God is in control of all, or He is not. My parents gave me a bible for Christmas '07. Wanted to read it.

I have...but I haven't. I've felt my life would be easier some days if I weren't a Christian. I could pretty much do whatever I wanted without it being wrong, for instance. Heck, you could do whatever you wanted as long as you didn't get caught. There's also the aspect of the world in general not putting you down and slamming you for believing the truth too. I think God has kept more of a grip on me than I have on Him. I know He has. rings of truth. It's logical, and aside from that, God's love is wonderful. It's beyond words, and turning my back on the one who saved me feels wrong beyond words too.

Re: John Bible study

Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2011 4:59 pm
by ccgr
My husband, my pastors

1. John 6:65 " one can come to me unless the Father has enabled him."

2. John 6:37 "...and whoever comes to me I will never drive away." Once saved, always saved

3. John 6:39 "And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all that he has given me, but raise them up at the last day." Jesus came to save those faithful to Him.

4. The Holy spirit must soften our hearts before we can accept Christ into them.

5. They saw him as the son of Joseph not the son of God

6. To accept Christ sacrificing his body and blood for our sins

7. Christ's sacrifice is permanent

8. John 6:54 Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last
day. 55 For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink.

9. John 13:18-22,

I do not speak of all of you. I know the ones I have chosen; but it is that the Scripture may be fulfilled, 'HE WHO EATS MY BREAD HAS LIFTED UP HIS HEEL AGAINST ME.' . . . He became troubled in spirit . . . and said, "Truly, truly, I say to you, that one of you will betray Me." The disciples began looking at one another, at a loss to know of which one He was speaking. (NASB) John 13:18-22

It was done so that the prophecies of old would be fulfilled. The prophecy quoted here is Psalm 41:9. Judas was such an evil man that John 17:12 tells us that Judas is the son of perdition.

I feel bad for the people who are not chosen but I am honored to be one of the chosen ones. I was raised Catholic but was questioning their doctrines. My grandmother guided me on the path I am on now but I am still thankful I was raised in a Christian household. There are times when I don't understand or question some things regarding my beliefs or the Bible but nothing so bad to shake my faith in Christ. I may have not seen Him or audibly heard Him but I have seen God work in my life and I know He's real.

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Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 6:42 am
by Chozon1
Duuuude...forgot what day it was. XD

This question, too, was on the last one. And...I still haven't gotten a 9 to 5'er. :D So my first jaerb was scrubbing the plastic siding of the hairstyling business. It was hard, and my dad helped me, but I got paid $170 for the whole thing. Which was several games, an effects pedal and probably some pizzas.

1) They thought he wanted to become a poliktical leader, or some sort of public teacher figure. Jesus did not because it wasn't his time to die.

2) He expected the world to hate him, because he belonged to heaven, and told the truth. We tend to kill people who do that.

3) Choosing to do God's will; having the Spirit.

4) They thought that you were supposed to do absolutely nothing on the Sabbath, regardless of if someone needed your help or not.

5) A good man; someone demon-possessed; the Christ; the Prophet; the Christ.

6) They thought they knew where he came from; they thought he came from Galilee, rather than Bethlehem; they thought none of the pharisees and leaders believed in him; they thought no prophet came from Galilee.

7) They knew him as a man from Galilee, son of Joseph, and as someone who did extraordinary things. But they didn't know where he really came from, what he was doing, or Who sent him.

8) It wasn't the time of his death, and the peoples believed him.

A big reason, one I've contributed to, is Christians can be dillweeds. There's also the popular "it happened so long ago we can't be sure it happened" and "There's no proof". I think so, yeah. But it certainly wasn't me or any part of me that prevented me from being an idjit. That Jesus was different from everyone else. That no one really knew him for what he was, not even his family. And that his words were awe-inspiring, even to those who didn't believe him. His opponents were wrong in what they thought about him and his motives (as were his followers, at times) and really had no idea about his past or the facts. They also wanted to kill him for no reason other than he was better then they were.

Re: John Bible study

Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 8:41 pm
by ccgr
My first job was at Squeenies Weenies (hot dog place) and I was paid $4.25/hr (dating myself I know!).

1. They wanted him to go public and do miracles. It wasn't His time to go there so Jesus stayed in Galilee

2. The World hates Jesus since He brings our sins to light

3. If anyone chooses to do God’s will, he will find out whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own. (We have to believe and have an open heart and mind)

4. They still do religious services on Sunday..why shouldn't Jesus be allowed to perform miracles?

5. "He is a good man", "You are demon-possessed", "concluded that he is the Christ", "Surely this man is the Prophet", "No one ever spoke the way this man does,"

6. "But we know where this man is from" "Does not the Scripture say that the Christ will come from David’s family and from Bethlehem, the town where David lived?" "Has any of the rulers or of the Pharisees believed in him? " "Are you from Galilee, too? Look into it, and you will find that a prophet does not come out of Galilee.

7. They know His earthly origin not His heavenly one

8. Because is was not His time yet.

People put faith in evolution and science instead of the Bible which they think is unreliable.

I can't think of being prevented unless missing an appointment on accident or something of that nature. I think I was spared from moments of idiocy so God must still have a purpose for me. :D Jesus was truly the Messiah and untouchable until it was His time.

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Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 6:46 am
by Chozon1
Perhaps touring with a band of some sort. In fifteen, I want to be doing heroic actions and saving the world.

1) I imagine they thought he was going to tell them not to stone the women, but to show her love. But if he had said that, he would have been contradicting the law.

2) He was getting them to realize that they weren't perfect distributors of justice, but fallen, sinful humans.

3) He expected her to stop sinning in response to his forgiveness.

4) The pillar of fire which guided the Israelites all the way through the desert; the light of salvation, which removes our fears; the lamp which shows us where and how to walk; the light of the gentiles.

5) The everyday death and darkness we live in before Jesus shows us the light.

6) He was from God above, they were from the earth; he would die on a cross, then return to God, and they would die in their sin; God was His father, Satan was their father.

7) They didn't know God was Jesus' Father, so they thought that Jesus earthly father was going to testify who he was.

8) "I Am" is how God sometimes names Himself to the Israelites.

It reminds me painfully what type of person I am, and how it's the cat's pajamas of stupidity to judge upon someone else. He's changed(ing) who I am, and also helped me through situations, questions, and dilemmas to which I had no answer. Because if He was not God's son, he was a liar. He also needed to be God's son in order to be the Messiah, and only God's son could take away the sin of the world.

Re: John Bible study

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2011 3:19 am
by ccgr
5 Years...hmm by then all the kids will be in school til at least 2:30 so maybe some part time work or some sort. by 15 years maybe back in full time? Or full time working on game reviews? :D

1. They wanted to see how Jesus would interpret the law by either letting her go or keeping with the commandments and their authority (discredit Jesus).

2. The people bringing the woman to Jesus were not righteous so when Jesus to them to examine themselves before casting judgement they came up empty handed.

3. Jesus forgives her and doesn't carry a grudge, he tells her to sin no more and go on her way

4. pillar of fire; The LORD [is] my light and my salvation; Thy word [is] a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path; for a light of the Gentiles; To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison, [and] them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.

5. We prefer to walk in sin (darkness) Jesus shows us His truth

6. Heaven vs. Earth, Resurrect vs Die in their sin, God vs the devil

7. They think of Christ's earthly father, sadly, they don't know His true father.

8. I am was how he described himself back in the Old Testament to Moses.

I'm not perfect and should think twice before judging others. I have changed so much since Christ came into my life..and believe me, He's not done yet :D. If Jesus was not heaven sent than He would be no more than a prophet or a messenger or a good man.

Re: John Bible study

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2011 7:19 am
by Chozon1
I suppose perseverance, and my relationship with God. If I had childrens I would want them to place God above all things. To realize that life isn't about how great you do in school, how much money you make, or even how many marshmallows you can fit into your mouth, but about God.

1) Slaves to sin, unable to hear the truth, belonging to Satan, they didn't know God, and determined to kill Jesus.

2) They may have trusted him, but they didn't know who he was.

3) Doing what he says. Holding firm to his teaching. No one can snatch Jesus' sheep from his hands. God is protecting us. Jesus will strengthen us until the end, and God is faithful. Jesus is able to keep us from failing.

4) A slave to death and evil, unable to please God or really live at all. Jesus offers us freedom from that, and freedom to life.

5) Faith in Jesus.

6) Faith in, and love for, Jesus.

7) Their lies, and wish to murder him.

8) Without the spirit, the wisdom of God is 'foolishness'. It doesn't make sense unless God clarifies it for us.

9) They thought he meant physical death, instead of spiritual death.

10) Jesus told them He was God again.

I'd imagine it was because Israel was chosen to be the nation of light, the priests for the entire world. And they weren't. Jesus identity, and whose Father/father was whose. The Pharisees accused Jesus of being demon possessed, when in reality, he was from God and they were from Satan. That without God, no one would be able to keep the faith. When you become a sheep of Jesus, he Shepherd's us without failing. He supplies trust in Him for us, so that no one who belongs to Him will be lost.

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Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2011 6:06 pm
by ccgr
I value the faith I was brought up in. I see so many kids in Godless families and wish the same for them. :( I'd like my kids to have faith in God and know that He loves them more than we possibly could. :)

1. Slave to sin, unable to hear what he says, unclear language, determined to kill Jesus

2. The probably were following Jesus out of curiosity and didn't commit themselves to Him yet

3. "If God were your Father, you would love me

4. I and [my] Father are one.

5. We are born into sin and commit sin. Jesus takes the penalty for us if we let Him.

6. But he [is] a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision [is that] of the heart, in the spirit, [and] not in the letter; whose praise [is] not of men, but of God.

7. Satan was a murdered and they want to kill Jesus

8. They don't belong to God

9. They're thinking of physical death not spiritual death

10. Because Jesus referred to Himself as I Am

They won't listen and don't have any intent to change their ways. It's not about lineage it's about faith in Christ and His father. There is only one way to God, Jesus alone. All other prohets and "teachers" are still dead.

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Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2011 6:57 am
by Chozon1
My heart. I'd like one that never fails. I didn't know I was married. O_o But...I'd guess my laziness and slow stylings. I could do more, and I could do more quicker.

1) He couldn't see the truth, even if it wandered right by his face. He was born that way, it was the state that occurred naturally to him. Jesus is the light; only he can lift us out of the pit of spiritual darkness and death. There was no, and is no, other person like Jesus, able to heal a man who was born blind.

2) The disciples assumed the man had done something especially evil, or that his parents had before birth. And that was why he was blind, as punishment. In reality, God caused him to be blind so that Jesus' miracles could be shown, and the work of God displayed in his life.

3) He 'restored teh sight of blind, Like Isaiah had written. It also shows he was the suffering servant, or Messiah. It also shows his compassion.

4) I know it took more trust to make his way blindly through a city to a pool of water (trusting the word of Jesus all the time) instead of simply opening his eyes right there.

5) They were the blind and deaf, the sinners. They thought they were the holy priests, who saw God's truth.

6) Because the message of Jesus only makes sense to those whom God has called.

7) That people who follow Jesus will often be persecuted for their beliefs.

8) Judgment on one hand, but also to save the sheep God has called.

I tried the experiment with my dog. She didn't lead very well, but I still get the principle. And also the problem that happens when you're blind, and listen to a guide who doesn't know cheese biscuits about what they're talking about.

I dunno, really. It ended well, but it's no fun not being able to see. He missed out on a lot of 'normal' experiences growing up...But he also got to know Jesus, which is a nice trade off. Not sure I'm smart enough at the moment to question this.

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Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 6:21 pm
by ccgr
I think I can use more compassion. I don't have much pity on acts of stupidity or when my kids injure themselves when they don't listen to me. Jay says I'm too practical, I can use more adventure/spontaneity

1. The guy was living in darkness. He was born in darkness. Jesus showed him the light. Jesus is God.

2. Sin. To give glory to God.

3. Jesus fulfilled prophecy, he is the messiah

4. He had to trust and obey Jesus

5. The pharisees are blind, they have seen and heard the truth yet they still don't believe it.

6. They are blinded by their own "righteousness" they don't think they need Christ so they deny him. The blind guy saw what Christ can do and believed in him.

7. The man suffered rejection for being a follower of Christ

8. Open the eyes of those who acknowledge and need Christ and to exposes the blindness of those that don't

I tried the blind thing with my dog and he led me to his toy.

That's a tough question, God has a reason for everything and we don't see the whole picture. Yes he was raised blind but he met and was healed by Jesus and has eternal life as a result

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Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:11 am
by Chozon1
My Mum, I guess. But also my dog, a flashlight, and a weapon of some sort.

1) I would think it was anyone who tried to lead you away from God. Satan, and his minions, but also people. We are the sheeps, and Jesus is the shepherd.

2) Those God as predestined to save.

3) The sheep know the shepherds voice, and will follow Him. The Shepherd owns the sheeps, and will lay down his life to protect them. The elect know Jesus' voice, and follow Him. Jesus gave His life for His Sheeps, and cares for them.

4) The church. Me, and you.

5) The other Sheeps are us, the gentiles. I would think the sheep pen would be nations.

6) Unite them into one body, el churcho.

7) That His life could not be taken from Him, but that He willingly laid it down.

8) Through his actions which were prophesied in the Bible. They were not His sheep; that is, God had not chosen them.

9) Nope. Jesus, God himself, will hold onto us. And He never let's go.

10) That He was God.

Part of me says, "If I find out I'll let you know", but the other part of me knows that it is knowing God. His love...Life after this world. I am awed that He loved me enough to die for me, but also that God chose to save me. And intensely thankful that, no matter my frailties and failures, Jesus is holding on to me. Because no one is strong enough on their own to hold onto trust in God when circumstances get bad. Something may happen that causes us to doubt that God really cares, and if Jesus were not holding on to us, if we were killed in that moment of disbelief, or moment of sin, we'd be sunk forever. It could be misused in that someone could say "Hey, if Jesus is holding on to me, I can do whatever the rip I want in this life and still make it out alive at the end". Jesus claimed to be God, for one. But also because only God can make the atonement for our sins, since it's against Him alone we sin.

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Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 8:48 pm
by ccgr
My family and my home. Losing my mom at the store would scare me.

1. Jesus's followers are the sheep, Christ is the Shepherd. Thieves are satan and his followers.

2. Jesus calls to us and we follow him.

3. Sheep follow their shepherd and know his voice. They trust him. They shepherd will protect them and lay down his life for them. Christ does the exact same for us. He calls to us and laid down His life.

4. Christ laid down his life for His followers (the sheep)

5. The other sheep are the gentiles and the pen is all the nations

6. Jesus will bring all his flocks together

7. Jesus is in control of His life and resurrection. He will die and rise again at His time alone.

8. Through the fulfilling of prophecies, healing the blind and deaf etc. Because they were not his followers, hardened hearts.

9. No one can snatch people out of Christ's hard. Once saved always saved.

10. They're interchangeable. Of similar likeness and mind.

Live life to the full, to let god complete your life and meet all your needs and then some. I don't mind being a sheep I trust my shepherd. God can meet our needs but we're not entitled to an easy life. So many name it and claim it preachers do mre harm than good with their promises of prosperity. In a household it's important for parents to be like minded. Can't have one always saying yes and the other one saying no. It's comforting that God will respect Jesus' sacrifice for us to be redeemed.

Re: John Bible study

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:23 am
by Chozon1
Hmm...Here moulders Conner, sleeping in gentle decay until Doomsday, or the revival of Christian hair metal. His music was excellent, and reached into the heart. He was a pretty nice person, and he walked with God all of his days, and was known for caring for others more than himself. He shall evermore be known for his final words "I wonder what happens if I put my face in that?" Died, August 14th, 20X6, in a blue, fiery explosion. He is survived by his guitar, his dog, and probably a sister.

My dream epitaph. XD

1) To help the disciples, and other people, believe in Him.

2) To show without doubt that he was definitively, decrodedly dead, and not just a really sick man whom Jesus healed before death.

3) That you can never really die if you are a child of God.

4) It shows that people did believe that He could do miracles, but that they did not understand who He was, exactly. That He had authority over death itself.

5) That He is compassionate and caring to what we go through, even though He knows exactly how it will end. He isn't just ignoring of our pain, even though Lazarus would rise in the resurrection. He knew/knows how bad it hurts to lose someone we love.

6) The "big" resurrection of all the dead.

7) Turning water into wine: It is also a precourser to his death and resurrection, in that the water used for purification was turned to wine, and later Jesus used wine as a symbol for his blood.
Healing the official's son: Shows that Jesus could bring healing of disease to people who sought him, even those close to death.
Healing of the lame man: It showed that Jesus had authority over all sicknesses, not just ones that could have possibly cured themselves, but debilitating, paralytic ailments too. And that Jesus healed free of charge, of his own volition. Even though the man had not sought him out, Jesus came to him and healed him. We're spiritually invalid, and Jesus walks to us.
The feeding of the five thousand: Shows that Jesus can turn very little into more than plenty for all. Jesus is the bread of life, and though he is one man, he was able to make atonement for all (and then some) through his death.
Walking on Water: Shows that Jesus is master of creation. Even wind and waves bend to his authority.
Restoring the sight of the blind man: Jesus healed the man of his blindness. He'd been blind from birth. We are spiritually blind from birth, and only Jesus can restore our sight.
The revivification of Lazarus: Jesus has authority over life and death, even when the dead had been lying in the grave for a long time. Jesus restored Lazarus to better than his former condition upon his resurrection. Jesus also saved him from death, like He does us. He also deeply cares us, and weeps from the pain death brings.

I've gotten angry at God sometimes when I got hurt by someone for no reason, but that never really made sense to me. Death of others will hurt, I know. But I also know that I will see them again, someday. No, sadly, I have not. I don't know if that means it hasn't come up yet, or if I've just been a weenie in years past. :\

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Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:09 am
by ccgr
Loving wife and mother, child of God. :)

1. Raising from the dead shows Gods glory better than healing the sick

2. He was not freshly dead like the young girl, his body has stopped functioning for a while now and is starting to decay

3. Those who die in Christ shall rise again with Him

4. people expected Christ to heal not raise from the dead. The people were disappointed.

5. Jesus wept, he experiences emotions just like us

6. The final resurrection

7. Turning water into wine:Jesus has power over everything He is the creator of it!. Wine is a symbol for his blood.
Healing the official's son: Jesus can heal without being there, His voice has authority to do Gods will
Healing of the lame man: Jesus will come to us to (spiritually) heal us if we ask.
The feeding of the five thousand: Jesus again shows that he can control what is given to him divinely. He is the bread of life!
Walking on Water: Shows that Jesus is master of creation. Even wind and waves bend to his authority. (I can only walk on ice!)
Restoring the sight of the blind man: Jesus is the light in the darkness and can heal us of our sins.
The revivification of Lazarus: While Jesus was sad about Lazarus's death he let him die so Gods glory can be shown in his resurrection. Jesus has control over life and death and offered His life for our sins

There's been a lot of challenges, I didn't know hwy I had a miscarriage the first time around. When I was pregnant with Kaitlyn the timing was much better regards to Jay's graduation from college etc. This miscarriage also brought we closer to some women who went through the same thing. Everything has a purpose or is in God's will. We don't see the big picture.

I don't know about boldly, I'm rather timid. :\ I guess I am bold and faithful with my tithing even when it leaves us with a couple dollars in the checking account, God has never failed to meet our needs.