Praises for the little things

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J.K. Riki
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Praises for the little things

Post by J.K. Riki »

Sometimes I think I take a lot of stuff for granted, so I am posting this thread that has some little stuff I'm super thankful for but forget to BE thankful for in a conscious way. (Feel free to join in, it can be a nice opportunity to look at the good things in life, big or small.)

- It is snowing outside but warm inside.
- I am tired but otherwise feel pretty good
- Our car works
- There is a public service that picks up our garbage once a week and that is so helpful
- Every morning I get to take a hot shower, which is only something "normal" in like the last 100 years and not the rest of human history.
- In spite of having no income right now we are still able to afford food and the work we're doing is some of the most fulfilling work I've done in a while (which I guess is not a "little" thing at all, but sometimes I get caught up in work and take it for granted!)

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Re: Praises for the little things

Post by ccgr »


Thankful for our jobs, house, church, family and friends, God has blessed us more than we deserve!

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