A Prayer Of Praise

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A Prayer Of Praise

Post by evered »

Thank you Lord for all!
Thank you for the sky so tall!
Praise be the name!
He fixes all the lame!

Thanks for everything oh Lord!
He makes it so none is bored!
He loves us so!
He died for us to save us from the foe!

He be almightyly loving!
All the baddies they know nothing!
For all we have is our father!
As he isn't a bother!

Thank you!
Thank you so!
That's all we can say!
If we were so bold!

I think I speak for all!
We love you Lord!
We might be in a brawl.
But you aren't a bore!

That's my praise!
I hope you all have a wonderful day! :D

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Re: A Prayer Of Praise

Post by ccgr »

nice job and Amen!

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Re: A Prayer Of Praise

Post by Ariana_Kat_304 »

I praise God for helping me get over my dear of heights....If He hadn't done that, I wouldn't be a flyer in cheerleading!!!!!!

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Re: A Prayer Of Praise

Post by vertigoat »

i feel i often end up praying for negative things to be fixed, and not often enough for positive things in thanks! thanksgiving season always reminds me to be thankful!

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