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Free ULTRA Shaders Screenshot of Any Build -Eromite

Postby Eromite » Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:54 pm

Hey guys,

You've probably noticed for the past year that I have not been on the prim server.

However, I can come back on. Only for this little project I'm doing.

Basically. (Now that I've built a beast pc), I can take a screenshot of any build you want, with ultra shaders on.

Either, you can request a shaderpack and resource pack for me to use, or you can let me use 3 shaderpacks I personally feel the build suits.

The way this works, as I find it hard to find a good time to come on, is that you will tell me the coordinates of the build, all of the details, and angles you want. Place a gold block on the ground where you want each photo to be positioned. Say each coordinate of that gold block.

I will email you a 1920x1080 screenshot, and you may do with it as you please :)

P.S. You don't need to place a gold block if you don't want. I can take a maximum of 15 photos of the build in every angle.

I'm doing this mainly because people don't have enough computer power to get beautiful shots of their hard-worked on build.

To enter, simply follow the steps listed below.

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS FOR PRISM SERVER ONLY (this includes all warps in the prism server)

-On the forums-

1. Reply to this post.
2. State your minecraft in-game username
3. Give the coordinates of your build.
4. Give coordinates of each gold block (screenshot position) *optional*
5. State the shaderpacks and resource packs you want to be used *optional*

-In Minecraft-

1. Place gold blocks where you want the screenshot to take place *optional*
2. Place signs if you want any written information (or reply here with the information)

After all this. Email me at that you have completed all this, and I will reply within 1 week. I will try to reply asap. You will be replied in the email with 15 or less 1920x1080 images of your build.

DISCLAIMER: If you are under 13, make sure you get a parent't permission before replying to my email. I cannot be held accountable for anyone under 13 who is irresponsibly using an email account.
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