Random questions about Prism!

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Re: Random questions about Prism!

Postby Starfire11 » Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:40 pm

My Prism question is, why is it called Prism?
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Re: Random questions about Prism!

Postby N1ghtBreak3r » Wed Sep 27, 2017 9:51 pm

My Prism question is, why is it called Prism?
Great Question! From what I can gather, back in June of 2015, the server was getting an massive overhaul with a new map, new spawn, and lots of other things. The website was also get a major facelift. With all the changes taking place it was decided to put an official name to the server. The OP team worked diligently to come up with names that would fit the mission of the server. After much debate and attempts at coming up with a name, Xinori (an OP at the time) had fielded a suggestion of “Salt and Light” by two different people who didn’t have contact with the other and who wasn’t aware of the others’ suggestion.

From this idea, the name Prism was created (originally suggested by M_Unlimited) as an adaptation of Salt and Light. Prism quickly rose as a favorite front-runner, but the OP team had one more thing to do - have the members vote. After a five-day vote, the results were in and by July of 2015, Prism was officially launched with a new name, spawn, map, and website!

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