AI-driven turn-based RPG ‘Wheel of Fate’ Concludes Succesful Kickstarter

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AI-driven turn-based RPG ‘Wheel of Fate’ Concludes Succesful Kickstarter

Postby ccgr » Sat Oct 19, 2019 8:25 pm

AI-driven turn-based RPG ‘Wheel of Fate’ Concludes Succesful Kickstarter

Artificial Intelligence fantasy RPG smashes Kickstarter goals

TORONTO, CANADA - October 17, 2019- UDX Interactive’s debut artificial intelligence RPG Wheel of Fate has completed its Kickstarter today surpassing its goal by over $10,000 CAD. The campaign's goal of $25,000 CAD was funded in less than 24 hours of its launch and has since been backed by over 300 fans.
Backers of the title on Kickstarter gained access to rewards which ranged from a copy of the game at launch and early beta access to merchandised products as well as a studio visit with the team. With a focus on each playthrough being drastically different from the next, Wheel of Fate's AI system actively adapts for player choices.

Set in the fantasy world of Kismet Falls players in Wheel of Fate are tasked with defending the region from the Fateless. Having been dormant for years and long since thought to be the stuff of legends, the Wheel of Fate has been reawoken and with it the Fateless who are hell-bent on reclaiming their former empire. Featuring strategic turn-based combat and the game’s unique Active Response Battle system (ARBs) players are able to use billions of gear combinations and are given the freedom to customize the region’s buildings, craft weapons, as well as armor to protect themselves and explore procedurally-generated dungeons.

Designed by Mass Effect 2 veteran Mike Holmes, Wheel of Fate is slated to launch on Steam Early Access in Q1 2020. For more information on Wheel of Fate visit the official site here.

A full list of features includes:

Artificial Intelligence Wheel adapting the world to player choices
Strategic turn-based combat with initiative turn system
Active Response Battle system allows for engaging turn-based combat that keeps players on their toes
Procedural Dungeons that adapt to the wheel spins
Build and customize homes in the lore-rich region of Kismet’s Fall
Manage and defend Kismet’s Fall as the protector, upgrade buildings and prepare for sieges
Rich story that ties actions to the outcomes of fate
Craft items, weapons, and armor to head into battle
Billions of gear combinations to build a character in any way

About Wheel of Fate
Some people call it luck; others call it destiny. But on the world of Providence, Fate's presence was felt everywhere. Fate is the central force that combines Creation, Destruction and Change; which brought the universe into existence. That is until the Affliction appeared. Born out of people's disbelief, the Affliction cut off living beings from Fate's influence, turning them Fateless. The Fateless were defeated in the Zodiac War, but the world was cut off from Fate's influence as the Temple, the Wheel and the Avatar of Fate vanished into thin air.

One thousand years later, Fate, the Zodiac War and the Fateless are nothing but legends, mostly forgotten. But when a lone adventurer reawakens the Wheel of Fate, the legends of old become true. The nearby village of Kismet's Fall becomes the center of the world as all the races of Providence converge on the sleepy backwater. The Fateless are poised to reclaim the world that had evaded their grasp. All the stands between them and victory is the adventurer, also the protector of Kismet's Fall as well as the Avatar of Fate.

About UDX Interactive Inc.
UDX Interactive is an independent game studio located in Vaughan, Ontario. We decided to craft games that we love to play. To achieve that, we believe individuals need the right balance of expression and team goals to create passion. Rewarding passion translates into motivation. With motivation and passion balanced, the best games can be created. Taking the best games then engaging the players early and often in development, builds a community. An engaged community playing together is what we define as being successful. At UDX, we want to be successful. We are a company that crafts games we love to play. We’re passionate about original games that are made by players, for the players. Our team consists of experienced individuals that love gaming and as a company, we are committed to building a community. Our motto is to “Think Inside Out”. Thinking outside the box is not enough. We want to take what exists in the world and transform it into something entirely fresh. We are innovating our games in ways that haven’t been done before, while still using game mechanics that are familiar. Wheel of Fate is a turn-based RPG, innovating in the role-playing genre by playing with the probability of outcomes (i.e. a dice roll), and incorporating it into your entire world and story, creating a uniquely dynamic experience.

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